Gürtel & Basecaps


Belts and Caps

Belts and caps are the perfect accessories to complement your Gear Eshop garments. We are a small

brand, but we are growing and have been around for 50 years. Our commitment to quality in our

clothing applies just as much to our men’s and women’s accessories. We understand that

accessories are just as important at the beginning of our foundation as they are now – and trends


We always strive to update our range in line with fashion, but offering you some classic as well as

some fashionable choices. Our current range of belts and caps for men and women are made from

highest quality leather, cotton and other materials that you would expect. Further, they will last you

many years. We offer a range of choices of size but always with the Gear clothing guarantee of

quality. Gear is a growing brand, be part of it. For the money, you won’t get better Gear.

About Belt and Cap Accessories

We offer quality of our accessories comparable to some of the best names currently available on the

market. Please keep checking back on our range as we add new lines all the time.

 Waterproof caps: Our designer branded caps have a waterproof nylon shelf that protects

you from the elements. Designed with comfort and quality, you will find that it will last many

years and protect your head. The wide brim peaks of our baseball style caps will shield your

eyes from the glaring sun of summer. While we are on the subject of summer, you want to

protect your head from the heat but don’t want to sweat. The fabric will keep you cool and


 Belts: The genuine leather belts in our range use cowhide – one of the toughest and most

durable leather types available. Flexible and durable material makes for an accessory that

will last many years. They come in many sizes.

Our commitment to quality goes all the way from the bottom to the top. Gear Eshop may not be as

famous as YSL, CK, Polo or others, but we can maintain our commitment to keep delivering you the

best possible clothes and accessories using the best cotton and other fabrics.