How To Tell If Clothing is Good Quality?

Although most modern fashion garments are designed to last a couple of seasons,

and the low prices reflect that, many people still prefer to buy high quality. The

throwaway culture is being challenged by a desire to reduce wastage, concern about

the environment and ethical shopping.More than that, people are starting to appreciate

again the need to look for clothing quality for every day use. But how to tell if clothing is

good quality?

Look at the Fabrics

Natural fibres such as silk, cotton and wool are more durable than synthetics. You can

tell that anonline clothing supplier has a commitment to quality when they primarily

(or only) use naturalfabrics. Look at the label – it should give you the composition so you

can determine clothing quality.Gear is an online clothing supplier selling high quality cotton

clothing and the durability of our textiles speaks for itself.

Feel It

The second way to tell if clothing is good quality is to touch it so that you may feel the

quality in the garment. Run your hand over the body of the fabric; better quality stock will

feel substantial with no roughage or with lesser roughness than a worn garment. Your

gut instinct will tell you whether or not you are handling high quality cotton clothing.


The third way to determine high quality clothing is to examine the stitching. In lesser quality

clothing, the stitching may be loose and the sections of the garment poorly bound together.

It islikely to fall apart after less than a year. This is fine if you don’t expect to own it 12

months later, but can be frustrating for those who like to keep a small and regular

wardrobe. Examining how a garment is bound is one of the best ways of how to tell if

clothing is good quality.

Pattern Matching

Creating a flawless or near-flawless pattern near the joins and seams are a great way

of howto tell if clothing is good quality. Tailors and manufacturers of high quality clothing

pay particularcare and attention to making sure the garment is a good fit. Not only is

Gear’s material highquality, but ourmanufacturing method and process is much better

than anything you will find onthe high street,designer label quality without the high price tag.


Pockets, buttons, zippers and other material aside from the actual garment can be a great

indicatorin how to tell if clothing is good quality. Are the buttons and zips metal or plastic?

Plastic breakseasily, as you probably have happened to you many times; metal buttons can

fall off if not attachedproperly, and zips can break if of poor quality.

When buying from an online clothing supplier, these are not things you can easily determine.

That’swhy the shop should supply multiple photographs, including close ups, so you can

examine the clothing quality before buying.