How To Choose From Our Range of Men’s Shirts

Shirts are amongst the most diverse garments that any man can own. There are vast differences between styles, colours, patterns and cuts that make all the difference for whatever occasion you are choosing the shirt – work, a wedding, a night out with friends, a date or simply lounging around the home – you will seek something different with each of these requirements.

How do you choose the right men’s shirts to help you look the part and feel great whatever the occasion? Let our simple guide help you choose the right shirt for you.


Collar Design

Shirts for men are broadly broken down into two basic design groups. The first thing you need todecide in choosing from our range of men’s shirts is whether you are buying a formal or casual shirt.If you are looking for a garment for work, you need to consider formal shirts primarily.

If it is ageneral garment for going to the bar, then you will need a casual shirt. There is really only one major difference – a formal shirt has a spread collar that points up under which you can easily fit a tie. A casual shirt tends to have a flatter collar and buttons, less conducive to wearing ties.


Pocket or No Pocket?

Pockets were once the exclusive preserve of formal men’s shirts; in recent years,pockets have madetheir way to casual shirts too.

Today, it is a matter of personalpreference.The trend for pockets onshirts for men is still weighted primarily in favour offormal shirts (for storing pens, notepads and your mobile phone) but as you browse theGear Eshop, you will see that we do offer a range ofcasual shirts with small and largepockets too.

Most of the time,it is a case of personal preference more than anything else,but be sure to choose the right style.


Patterned or Plain?

Gear Eshop offers a range of choices of colours and styles for every occasion. One of the biggest decisions you will make is whether to choose a garment that is patterned or plain.

 Patterned men’sshirts were once the exclusive preserve of the casual garment; in recent years, some of the top labels have introduced simple pattern designs to their dress shirts and work shirts, diversifying formal wear.

With formal shirts though, it is best to keep the designsimple – small checked pattern, thin stripes and so on.The more elaborate the design, the more likely it has a casual function.


Which Colour?

Shirts for men have also undergone great changes in the last few decades. Before the 1990s, formalshirts were almost entirely plain and white with a few pastel colour options.As well as patterned shirts, casual shirts were any other colour except white.

During the 1990s,that all changed. Formal designs of men’s shirts came in black, vibrantblues and greens,pink, grey, yellow and many others. Now, you need not have your formal shirt in any colour so long as it is white. Suit designs and colours have changed tofit with the modern trend. Men who wear coloured work shirts really stand out from the crowd and when choosing the right tie, just as smart as their forbearers.


Other Design Elements

Men’s shirts are no longer limited by conventions dictated since the invention of the shirt.Your options on the Gear Eshop when choosing from amongst our shirts for men need not fit in any boxas limiting as “casual” or “formal”. We offer a range of designs – both plain and patterned and options in dark, bring and vibrant or pastel colours.

We also have a number of design concepts that do not neatly fit in the boxes of expectation. We have shirts with contrasting colours on collars and sleeves (for example white panelling on a blue shirt),short or long sleeves, plain panels on patterned.


Gear Eshop

Gear has been a proud supplier of high-quality men’s shirts for over five decades. We have followed trends and customer demands while sticking to our core principle of offering superior quality garments with the best available breathable cotton.