Corporate Social Responsibility

GEAR is committed to doing business in a sustainable manner. That’s why we only work with workshops that meet the internationally recognized standards of the International Labour Organization:

•    No forced labour

•    No discrimination

•    No child labour

•    Freedom to unionise, right to collective bargaining

•    A salary that covers basic family needs

•    No excessive overtime

•    Healthy and safe working environment

•    Legal employment contract

GEAR is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) which promotes good working conditions in clothing factories. As an independent organization, FWF checks the extent to which suppliers comply with the Clothing Industry Code of Conduct.

In addition, Suitsupply frequently inspects its suppliers and where necessary, implements improvements. Find out more about our efforts in the 2014 Brand Performance Check.

We believe that quality is not only limited to the actual garment, but also includes the manner in which it was produced. For more information, visit