Mens shirts


Men’s Shirts

The modern man is discerning in his clothing tastes and he wants shirts that do the job.

Whether he’s out for drinks with colleagues, dining out with his partner or entertaining the boss – he needs high quality men’s shirts.

Gear Eshop has a wide range of options for the modern man, from classic designs suitable for formal occasions to trendy options for when he wants to dress down but still look smart. Plain or patterned, long or short sleeve – we have it all.

Looking good is all well and good, but you want to feel the part too. Gear Eshop is successful because we choose only the best fabrics for our men’s shirts. This superior material does not trap moisture in the warm weather, leaving you feeling cool. In the autumn and winter, it provides you with a warm comforting feel, ideal under that jacket or men’s sweater.

Men’s Shirts: Why Cotton?

Look is important, but it is not everything. Our commitment to clothing technology is still in place after trading for over 50 years.

We know what you want and we are committed to bringing it to you.

  • Comfort: Men’s shirts are all about comfort. Cotton is more comfortable than other (cheaper) fabrics, helping to maintain regular body temperature. That’s why we use cotton as our first option
  • Breathability: Nobody likes to sweat in the warm weather under their high quality shirt. It makes you look nervous. Keep cool under pressure and halt the sweat
  • High resistance of the load: Men’s shirts are designed for daily changing. Wear once and wash. Therefore, you need men’s clothing that is durable and will last years. Our superior cotton is designed for high resistance in the wash
  • Softness and pleasant to touch: You don’t want rough fabric. You don’t want skin irritation.We strike that balance between soft and durable
  • Fast drying wet clothes: The quality of the cotton is in how easily and quickly it dries. We guarantee quick drying for those emergencies when you realise you have no clean shirts on a Sunday evening
  • Commitment to design: Whether you want classic or fashionable, Gear Eshop has it all so take a look through our range