Womens sweaters & sweatshirts


Women’s Sweaters

What modern lady doesn’t want or require a high quality women’s sweater? Feeling warm, snug and cosy in the colder months or simply enjoying a mug of cocoa on a cool autumn evening – that’s what sweaters were made for. They are not just for autumn and winter, but for feeling protected. That’s why Gear Eshop has carefully selected some impressive designs in our range of women’s sweaters.

From the thin light cardigans suitable for spring, to long and thick sweats of winter. We have many options here.

Check out or long “City” sweater and its range of colours. Or the ¾ length “Textplay”. This is the height of sophistication and will leave you feeling protected. For something sportier for the gym, please look at our “Domini”. Whichever you choose, you can be assured of the quality ofGear clothing. For the money, you can’t get better Gear.

Details of our Women’s Sweaters

What do you get when you buy high quality women’s sweats and sweaters from the Gear Eshop?

  • The best cotton: Gear clothing has always been made using the best quality cotton available. You can feel the quality as you slide the sweater over yourself, luxuriating in its durable softness. We are confident that you won’t find better on the high street.
  • Does its job: You want a sweater or jumper that keeps you warm no matter the time of year. You don’t want to feel hot in a thin sweater or cold in a nice and thick one. The quality of the fabric comes in here and it remains breathable and comfortable so you get the best of both worlds
  • Choice: Sweaters are designed to last many years – we know that and you know that. We don’t just go with the modern trends. We make sure we choose the best available classic designs too, including those with a sporty look 
  • Luxury at affordable prices:If you buy designer brands already, you may not have heard of Gear clothing. That’s fine, but you should give our garments a try – you will be pleasantly surprised so see that our quality is comparable to other top name brands but at affordable prices