Womens jackets


Women’s Jackets

Welcome to our range of women’s jackets. This is where you will find the most essential jackets and coats for women at affordable prices. Whether you require top of the range trendy coats, comforting jackets or functional garments that will protect you against the cold, wind and rain in the cold weather – Gear Eshop will have it. Please take a look at our range and don’t forget to check out our New Collection for arrivals coming soon for the current or next season.

We have been a premier supplier of designer quality women’s jackets for five decades. For the price you won’t find better Gear. Our customers return to us time and time again. Why is this? Because we supply quality jackets for the modern woman that look good and feel great. All of our garments use only the best cotton, making them breathable in any weather.

Details of our Women’s Jackets

You may not have heard of Gear clothing, but you will be glad you did when you wear one of our

amazing high quality jackets for women. We know what you want from a garment.

  • Prestige: Not for us, but for you. You can feel the quality in our garments. You can feel the craftsmanship, the love and care that has gone into each one. The way it feels, the way it looks and the way it is put together. This will give you many years of pleasure.
  • Timeless designs: As well as keeping up with the fashions of today, we also keep a stock of classic women’s jackets so you can look timeless. Never look unfashionable with these superior garments.
  • Protection: Jackets for women are not just about looking great, they are about giving you the desired protection. We stock warm weather jackets, wet weather coats and more, ensuring that you have the functions you need as well as the look you desire.
  • Comfort: Because what is the point of a jacket that looks great and protects you if it is uncomfortable? Gear clothing’s superior cotton feels soft and gentle against the skin for your comfort