New Collection Men

Welcome to our Men’s Fashion new collection.

We keep this section up to date with the changing trends and changing seasons in line with the requirements of the modern man. Here you will find the best of our current range. You will also find these garments their individual sections.

We prefer to keep a “Current Range” section so you can easily find the best of the seasonal range quickly and compare prices and options against each other more easily. Please do keep coming back as we are adding new lines every season and sometimes every month.

Gear Eshop Men’s New Collection

In autumn and winter, we have the very best sweaters and sweats, hoodies and jeans. In spring and summer, we stock fashionable men’s tops such as polos, tees, vest tops and more. All our stock is made from the highest quality cotton so that no matter which season you wear them, you will find them breathable and comfortable.

We guarantee that your Gear clothing will keep you warm and dry all year around and will perfectly complement each other. For the price you won’t find better Gear.

The Gear Eshop Commitment to Quality

Gear has been around for over 50 years supplying customers all over the world. Our discerning male customers return time and time again, knowing that we continue to offer the same quality we have always offered.

Our quality has been compared to more famous designer brands, but you will note that our prices are more competitive.

Why do our customers keep coming back? Because they know we have always been able to maintain the quality that they have always desired and we are experts in keeping up with designer trends.

We offer better quality than the high street and offer the personal service that third party sellers do not.

Unlike high street stock, it is not designed to fall apart after less than a year so that you buy more clothing next year.

The quality of our stock has been compared to the best available from YSL, Polo, Armani and many other well-known designer brands.