The Quintessential Fall Shirt
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There is one piece of clothing that is almost synonymous with fall weather, and that is the plaid shirt. Around the world this is the quintessential shirt for fall. Men and women alike have found a place for this pattern as soon as the weather begins to cool. For men, the plaid shirt works perfectly for a casual lunch or as a night out shirt. To find the season’s hottest plaid shirt trends, all you need to do is shop with GEAR®. We keep up with Czech fashions to ensure that we only offer the most highly sought after clothing for men.  


How fall and plaid have become intertwined is a mystery, but one thing remains, you cannot go wrong with a long sleeve plaid shirt in the fall. The comfortable fabric, and the cozy nature of the shirt is perfect for those brisk days. Thankfully, these shirts come in all different colors so that every man can find exactly what they are looking for. While most men tend to choose the most popular colors; red, black, blue, green, there are hundreds of color combinations, and hundreds of patterns. Button up shirts with small plaid patterns and a front pocket are a great choice for the office. The larger plaid pattern, while more laid back and rugged, are great for a night out or just to head out to lunch with friends. A man may also choose to think a little outside of the box and purchase a short sleeve plaid shirt for a change of pace.


No matter what you are looking for, GEAR® carries it. Everything from the standard t-shirt to the quintessential fall shirt, we have clothing for men that falls into every category. GEAR® also makes shopping easy and convenient with a painless checkout and quick delivery. Never head out into the chilly fall weather without your trusty plaid shirt.    


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