Why we make stretch jeans

Stretching is essential for our bodies and also essential for our jeans. Without that special stretchiness, jeans can feel restrictive, even suffocating. Nobody wants a jean that does not feel good on them. We have enough to put up without having to compromise on the comfort of our jeans.

Stretch jeans are those jeans which are actually not manufacture from 100% cotton. Our stretch jeans are manufactured using about 98% of cotton, and 3% of spandex and other stretch material. Our stretch jeans include a very ideal amount of cotton and spandex. Therefore, these jeans are a favorite among men and women who love to wear stretch women slim fit and men slim fit jeans. We make our jeans with stretch 98% cotton, 2% spandex because:

  • It feels good when you wear it.
  • It makes you feels like you wear nothing.
  • They are easy to pull up and down. 
  • They complement your best features while hide your flaws. 
  • They do not shrink after being washed. 
  • They are very comfortable. 
  • They are chic and stylish.

Jeans are generally considered an article of clothing that makes you slimmer, but when not properly styled, they do just the opposite! If you have a much larger hip than your waist then you are more likely to face this problem. Stretch jeans are perfect in such situation. It is advisable to stay clear from heavy or crisp fabrics if you are looking for comfort. Our women slim fit and men slim fit stretch jeans comes in different sizes, shapes and color that suit your needs.