Fake Designer Goods on the High Street

That top brands you see inthe shops every day couldbe fake. The market

has been flooded with a rash of fake designer goods and you will not just

find them at street markets. Some of the leading high street sellers, in a bid

to cut their costs and offer you bargain prices, are not stocking the real thing.

Epidemic of Fake Designer Goods

Some your favourite shops do not even know their garments are fake. The

shop front staff will notknow, but their buyers are perfectly aware of what is

going on. Some of this counterfeit designer clothing is such a good replica

that even the retailers cannot tell the difference. Some retail analysts

think that up to 90% of fake goods by such top brands as in there stores are

fake. It has created a problem for the retailers and for the consumer and

deprives designer labels of revenue.

Retailers Know Their Fake Designer Goods Are Fake

Some retailers of top labels are unwittingly selling counterfeit designerclothing.

However, it is also known that others are doing so willingly. Why would they

do this? Shenzen China is one of the major markets for producing fake clothing.

Buyers visit these markets and can see that not only are they good replicas,

but in some cases they are better quality than the originals and they cost just $10(US)

per garment. Knowing that consumers will not be able to spot the difference,

they supplement their stock with these high-quality fake designer goods. These

cheap goods are sold as the real thing marked-up at over 1000%.

Designer Labels: Victim of Their Own Success?

Designer labels are garments that people want to buy. People pay a premium

to look and feel goodand to show off what they have. However, in these more

economically austere times people want cheaper clothes but still demand the

quality. The market in fake clothing demonstrates the disparity

between what people want and what they are prepared to pay. Manufacturers

of counterfeit designer clothing do so because of this demand. That is why some

people choose to purchase from lesser-known designer brands such as

Gear Eshop.

Choose New Brands

New or lesser-known brands like Gear Eshop don’t compromise on garment

quality. Our loyalcustomers know what to expect, and they know that when they

order from us they will get exactly what they ordered. Unlike some retailers, we

do not stock 90% fake designer goods such as you might find in their stocks of

Top branded stores. We do not even stock 10% fake

goods. There is simply no market for fake clothing from up and coming brands

that the quality is always assured.