Fashion has always held a special place in the Czech women’s heart. Through the past 100 years there have been some significant changes in the way women dress. With the invention of the internet it has become increasingly easy to stay current on the latest fashions and most popular trends for each season. Shopping for women’s clothing online allows women all over the Czech Republic the opportunity to have the hottest clothing of the season, no matter where they live! When fashion is important to you, it is time that you began your shopping journey at GEAR®.


The Czech fashion trends have not strayed far from the most popular European fashion trends over the last 100 years. Women have always felt a love for clothing that is playful, elegant, and flattering. What many people do not realize is that Czech fashion in the early 20th century was one of the top markets in the entire world. The clothing and the designers featured were innovative and highly sought after. The quality of work was so elegant that the most prominent of women were exclusively choosing Czech and French designers. This demand in high fashion clothing was partly due to the booming textile industry that ranged all over the Czech Republic.


In the later part of the 20th century, there was a swing in fashion, and the textile industry all but vanished from the Czech Republic in the 1990’s. Fortunately, Czech designers were there to stay. As the textile industry began to disappear, some of the biggest names in the fashion industry started to take hold during this time frame. This was due partly to the fact that the Czech Republic had already established schools that revolved around fashion and the arts. These schools included; Academy of Arts, and Architecture and Design (UMPRUM) of Prague. These schools were the locations that fostered some of the most famous Czech designers to ever live. The designers who studied at these prestigious locations eventually went on to open up boutiques and began to revamp Czech fashion.


Modern fashion throughout the Czech Republic is more popular than ever. New designs and labels are appearing all the time. Designers are fixtures at some of the largest fashion shows in the world, and the modern woman can be seen sporting the latest trends while walking to work. You could say that some of the trendiest women in the world are those who hail from the Czech Republic. Don’t worry though, men were not left out. Men’s fashion is steadily increasing and the fashion trends can be seen all over the country.


With more access to the internet, even women from rural areas have the opportunity to shop for women’s clothing online that closely matches haute couture fashion trends. Nothing is off limits, and every women can feel confident on a daily basis when she chooses Czech fashion trends. GEAR® offers customers the hottest trends within the fashion industry. All clothing is high-quality, and there is no stress associated with the shopping process. Shop with us today and step out of the house in style!


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